quarta-feira, 17 de agosto de 2011

Today’s Goddess: Diana.

August 17th: Festival of Diana.

Today’s Goddess: Diana.

Themes: Fertility; Children; Providence; Abundance; Harvest.

Symbols: Moon; Water; Forest Items; Sun.

About Diana: This Roman goddess embodies the moon’s fertility and watery aspects, along with the sun’s protective and nurturing power over the forests and its creatures. On this day she was celebrated in Rome, and she will be remembered in our hearts as the huntress who helps us capture the spiritual “food” we need.

To do today: Starting on August 13th, the Romans had a weeklong festival for Diana, praying to her for the harvest’s bounty, and to turn damaging storms away. The traditional place to leave an offering of fruit or vines for her is in the forest, or at a crossroads. As you do, if any stone or leaf catches your eye, pick it up and carry it as a charm that will keep Diana’s power with you that entire day. Come night, release the gift to flowing water or back to the earth with a prayer of thanks and a wish for one of Diana’s attributes that you wish to develop in your life.

It is also customary to light some fire source to honour her on August 15th or anytime during the festivities. Afterward, to generate this goddess’s physical or figurative fetility within you, follow Roman convention and wash your hair with specially prepared water (water to which just a little milk is added so that it looks white, like the moon). If you have children, doing this for them incurs Diana’s protection over their lives.

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